Pinpoint Pricing Analysis Home Sellers Can Rely On

My “Pinpoint Price Analysis”, is the most effective tool, shy of a full appraisal, to establish a, fair market price, for your home or property being sold.

Fundamentally, the preparation of my Pinpoint Pricing Analysis involves researching recently sold homes (aka comparables or comps), near the ‘subject’ property, that have similar features, such as, comparable size, age, location and features.

Although collecting the right information is key, the real science is the interpretation of the data.  Thoroughness here is critical and its why I call it a Pinpoint Analysis.

The process of preparing it includes:

  • Defining the criteria that will be used for selecting comparables
  • Determining a list of quality comparables
  • Evaluating the list and refining the comparables
  • Adjusting comparable values for differences in location, conditions, size, etc
  • Pinpointing the current market value of the subject home

My Pinpoint Price Analysis is not an appraisal, but they are both, in effect, an estimation of value.  The important question is ,who will you trust to provide an accurate reflection of the market and how can the information be used to strategically price your home?

I am proud to have a strong history of success.  And it’s backed by an inventory of sold homes, client advocates, and numerous awards.  Doesn’t that sound like someone who should be representing you?

I welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can get your property SOLD.  When you’re ready, let’s talk.

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