My Pledge to You

Angelina Valentini Promises...

Pareto’s Principle and Me

The actions of the few become the stereotype by which many are regarded.

There is an 80/20 rule in Real Estate and I want everyone to know where I stand when it comes to a quick response, your privacy and phone manners.

They say there are few in life, but here are my guarantees to you.

  1. Access to Me and My Resources are Complimentary; No strings, No obligation – if you share your contact information with me, I use it only as you request.  None of my correspondence obligates you in any way – ever.  An important part of my job is to provide information that will help you make sound decisions.  When you’re ready, I hope you will reach out to me, but I don’t expect it.
  2. I’ll Respect Your Privacy – Unless you indicate otherwise, I will only contact you by email.  I will not campaign to ask “Who you know, planning to buy/sell?”. If you join ‘My Listing Manager’, I will periodically email you new matches that come to market. If you sign up to receive my Market Reports, Newletter or other informational tools, I will also periodically email you with the information as is becomes available. I will not distribute your email address to others, unless you ask me to. This is all offered to you without obligation – see Promise #1
  3. I Guarantee You A Quick Response By Email, Text or Phone – There is nothing worse than taking the time to contact someone and not receiving a timely response, or worse, none at all!  There are a few technological black holes on and around Candlewood Lake, but I pledge to respond fast.

How Can I Help You?

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